Colin Trusedell Returns to the Quartet of Jazz Death

Colin Trusedell: Quartet of Jazz Death, Vol. 2Bassist Colin Trusedell, who is also musical director for the United States Air Force Academy Band’s Top 40 ensemble Blue Steel, has released his fifth solo album, Quartet of Jazz Death, Vol. 2.

The album from the Trusedell, who is also a professor of bass at Colorado State University – Pueblo, follows up 2015’s All by Myself and his 2014 funk/fusion project, Quartet of Jazz Death.

Quartet of Jazz Death, Vol. 2 features not only Trusedell on electric bass, but is also billed as boasting super synth bass sounds, rapping, and funk combined with symphonic landscapes.

Check out the Quartet of Jazz Death, Vol. 2 trailer (first video) and the single, “You Didn’t Know” (second video):