Crazy Tube Circuits Unveils the Golden Ratio Phi Compressor

Crazy Tube Circuits Golden Ratio Phi Compressor PedalCrazy Tube Circuits has unleashed the Golden Ratio Phi, a stompbox that features two compressors in one. The pedal can switch between an optical compressor and a FET compressor, each of which have their own distinct style.

Crazy Tube says the optical compressor is a “hand selected photocell [that] offers distinctive attack and release characteristics resulting in very gentle and musical compression,” while the FET side is highly tweakable and can sound very clean or colored. Each compressor has input, output, and ratio controls. The FET has separate controls for attack and release.

The Golden Ratio Phi also has a blend control for parallel compression to blend the compressed signal with your original signal. It offers low noise performance and full frequency response, which the company says makes it great for bass or guitar.

The Crazy Tube Circuits Golden Ratio Phi will be available at the end of August with a street price of about $279.99.

Crazy Tube Circuits Golden Ratio Phi Compressor Specs:

FET and Optical Compressors
Blend Knob for Parallel Compression
Internal Circuitry Produces 25V DC Of Clean Headroom from a Standard 9V Supply

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