Crazy Tube Circuits Unveils Golden Ratio Compressor V2 Pedal

Crazy Tube Circuits Golden Ratio V2 PedalCrazy Tube Circuits has updated its pedal lineup with the Golden Ratio Compressor (Phi) V2. The new version includes three separate compressor circuits that can be accessed with the flip of a toggle switch.

“An internal smart switching circuit lets you decide which type of compression works best for you, featuring a wide range of compression ratio from 1:1 to 20:1,” they add. “Each all-analog circuit is totally independent and has its own voice with different compression characteristics, range and response of controls to suit every style.”

The three options are a FET compressor, which they call a feedback detector/control compression, an OTA compressor that is more commonly used for guitars, and an Optical compressor.

“A hand-selected photocell combined with a feed-back detector circuit offers smooth attack and release characteristics resulting in very musical and organic compression even on extreme settings,” CTC says of the OPTO circuit. “It can also be set very neutral so that you won’t be able to tell when it’s on but you sure going to miss it when it’s gone.”

Another feature is an internal switch to select between 9 or 18-volt operation from a standard 9V DC power supply. The 18-volt option adds headroom and enhanced compression characteristics.

Hear it demoed in this video at the 2:23 mark:

The Crazy Tube Circuits Golden Ratio V2 is available for $249.

Crazy Tube Circuits Golden Ratio V2 Pedal Features:

3 Compressor Circuits: FET, OTA, OPTO
Internal Smart Switching
Compression Ratio from 1:1 to 20:1
All-analog Circuits
Internal 9-18V Power Switch
Low Noise Floor and Full Frequency Response

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