Michael Manring Playing Two Basses at Once

I’m convinced that Michael Manring’s brain works differently than everyone else’s. His ideas are always so unique and his execution of them are jaw-dropping.

Back in 1991, Manring was featured on the Spanish television program Musica NA to talk about his playing and compositions. This clip starts out with the bassist explaining his thought process on playing two basses at once before he demonstrates in spectacular fashion.

Manring then talks about his recording process and finishes the video with his song “Welcoming” set to a scenic drive.

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  1. brian t

    The first piece is called “Watson & Crick”, from MM’s album “Drastic Measures”. Stunning as it is, my favourite track on that album is the gentler “Oyasumi Nasai”, a duet with Paul McCandless on oboe.

  2. arjank

    Michael Manring is one of those bassists I have deep respect for, he’s one of the true originals. The piece is indeed ‘Watson & Crick” from the amazing “Drastic Measures” album, my favorite track from that album is “When last we spoke”, that song is just so beautiful and makes me emotional every time I hear it.

  3. If I had two bases to like that I could do that crap. Oh snap it was the guitar player in me coming out! so sorry