Reader Spotlight: Chuck Bailey

Chuck BaileyTo say Chuck Bailey is enthusiastic would be an understatement… and for good reason. After his dad influenced Chuck to play bass, he’s pursued it with passion. Today, he’s building a name for himself in Vegas.

Chuck is this week’s No Treble reader in the spotlight. Here’s his story…


Chuck Bailey, former bassist for Kid Deposit Triumph and Hired Gun from Las Vegas NV. I started my journey of music what feels like forever ago. From video game music to jazz to metal to rock and anything else I could get my hands and ears on, I wanted to play to it! It consumed me and I was hooked!

After some years playing in everything from weird acid jazz/fusion/rock/noise, to hardcore to video game metal, (putting in the time, as they call it), I finally got a shout out to try for this up and coming hardcore/metal band in Las Vegas called Kid Deposit Triumph. I got the gig and after some Epic shows with some amazing bands, we got an opportunity to work with Sony BMG and record our EP with Howard Benson in LA.

From Learning KDT’s first album “Our Peace will Destroy Many” to writing “Hangin Tuff” and “We Dedicate These Pages”, it seemed like everything was moving a million miles an hour and from there it was nothing but memories and good times!

Music has been good to me! We separated from Sony BMG in 2009 and from there I have worked on solo music. I played with some amazing musicians and bands and work on bass tracks and session work in between playing shows on the Las Vegas Strip. Most recent escapades took us on the 311 Jamaican Cruise where we played with bands like RX Bandits, Chali 2na, and of course 311! Since then I have collaborated with bands like Bravo Delta, Each Bury His Own, The Black Jacks, Singles, Anti-Gravity and most recently Hells Coming with Me – a metal band out of Las Vegas Nevada that is writing and making some seriously EPIC stuff!

I have always been fascinated with the bass because of the typical mindset a lot of guys had for it – like it is limited because it isn’t a guitar or the epic “4 string” argument… they are all just entertaining because bass is such a new instrument and there are amazing musicians, music and approaches being seen every day! I am just happy to be a part of it and make some new friends and some new music along the way! Very fortunate to get to work with awesome companies like Darkglass Electronics, Tsunami Cables, MTD Kingston, Bartolini, and La Bella. All I want do is sound like me and so far that has been working GREAT! Music is life and it is WORTH living! If you have a need for some bass in your life HIT ME UP!


Las Vegas, NV USA

Day gig:

Commodities trader by day and musician by night. Both jobs are full-time, and I am blessed to be able to pursue music more and more as time goes by.

Years experience:

I have been attempting to not suck for about 17 years now :)

Bands & Gigs:

I work or am on call for a couple different bands in Las Vegas. Its interesting because up until a couple years ago, I was all in on one project and that was my focus. As things change and I evolved I started getting involved with multiple projects and really branching out. Lots of opportunity and work to be had in Vegas if you make the right connections! I get to work with a lot of awesome people and Booking agents like Dustree Productions, Starburst Productions and the original music too. Hells Coming with Me is one of those projects and its been a blast recording for those guys. I am really excited for that to be done this Summer so I can share it with everyone.


  • MTD Kingston Saratoga- modded with Bartolini Pickups and 3 band Bartolini Pre
  • Mexican Fender P routed with a J pick up all Passive with Bartolini Pickups
  • 1968 Yamaha SA-70 Hollowbody all original
  • Lawsuit Ibanez Destroyer bass with updated Bartolini Pickups
  • Ibanez Custom Koa Top and Ash body ATK
  • MTD 535-24 USA Model
  • GK Neo 212
  • GK CX210
  • GK MB 800
  • Ampeg SVT4 Pro
  • Ampeg 810
  • Schroeder 12PL stack
  • Darkglass Electronics B7K Ultra
  • Darkglass Electronics Super Symmetry
  • Ibanez Acoustic Electric Bass
  • Tsunami custom cable ST/90 15′
  • Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master
  • Earthquaker Devices The Depths
  • TC Electronics Vibrato
  • TC Electronics Sub n Up
  • BOSS OC-2
  • La Bella Vapor Shields and La Bella RX Nickel Strings

Why I play the bass:

My Dad. Music was always pretty big with my parents. My dad played guitar in a band when he was a teenager, and I grew up around him always playing. My mom is Mexican American and she was all about oldies! I was exposed to all kinds of music as a child and it really played a huge part in my love of music. My mom didn’t play an instrument, but she sang all kinds of songs. It was great! Admittedly I wanted to play guitar like my dad but he insisted on bass. I am glad he did because I never looked back! Since then I have been able to immerse myself in all kinds of music and it’s been incredible.

My bass superpower/claim to fame:

If I had to list something I would say I do my very best to cater to the song and not my ego. I have fun with the tune but I don’t step on anyone’s toes! Music is expressive, but its amazing when it can be expressive with everyone! Also I like to have fun. I take my playing seriously, and I do my homework for gigs and recording and pay attention to what is wanted or needed – but it has to be fun. Nothing better than getting to hype up a great crowd and leave it all out there! Music is greater than gravity and has got to be the most powerful force on earth cause it moves everything.

My influences:

Firstly I would have to say ALL of my musician friends and bass brothers are my influences! Talent inspires and I have a lot of talented friends! They humble me and they are all tremendously talented! With that said, I would say my influences in playing would have to be as follows: Chi Cheng, Justin Beck, Juan Alderete, Flea, Tim Commerford, Sting, Michael League, Thundercat… to name a few as far as people that really burned into me that rock can still groove and be melodic and different!

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