Anthony Crawford: Jazz vs Hiphop

Bassist Anthony Crawford shared this on his Facebook page and it immediately caught my attention. He recorded it as a demo for his Mirura MB-2 bass, and the song is just as stunning as the bass. The story behind the music is incredible, too.

“This is a song from my last album, Urban Jazz/My Story,” Crawford explains. “I call the album ‘My Story’ because I let the listener in on some of my personal life stories that led me into recording the album. One of the stories that I share on my album is a time when I was over Stanley Clarke’s house. We were having Thanksgiving dinner and he told me to play the bass for him. It’s like he was asking me to do a concert for him. After I played, he said ‘What do I want to do as a bass player?’ I told him that I want to be a solo bassist. He then said I should write music based on the way I play and told me the time to start is now, not later. So that is a little back story why I wrote that song. I was just feeling kind of funky that day.”

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