Chemistry Design Werks Introduces the Holeyboard Dragonfly Pedalboard

Chemistry Design Werks Holeyboard Dragonfly

Chemistry Design Werks has introduced an innovative new pedalboard called the Holeyboard Dragonfly. Building on their original Holeyboard design, the Dragonfly can be set up in 10 configurations without the need of additional parts.

It extends from 26 inches all the way up to 42 inches and has a moveable top shelf for flexibility. Built from aircraft grade 6061 series aluminum, the board has holes to fasten your pedals down with zip ties instead of adhesives or velcro.

The Chemistry Design Werks Holeyboard Dragonfly is built in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is available now for $289.

Chemistry Design Werks Holeyboard Dragonfly Features:

Made in Minneapolis
Built with aircraft grade 6061 series aluminum
Extends from 26″ to 42″
Moveable Top Deck
Holes in board allow using zip ties to fasten pedals down
No special brackets required

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