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Reader Spotlight: Eric “EQ” Young

Eric “EQ” Young

Meet bassist Eric “EQ” Young, who as a high school student saw Larry Graham perform, and the rest is history. Eric spends his time performing for ConFunkShun and working as a solo artist. He’s this week’s reader in the spotlight. Here’s his story…


Singer, songwriter and virtuoso bass player Eric “EQ” Young couldn’t be happier with how the year has gone. His debut R&B smash single “Never Stop Loving” stayed strong on the Billboard Top 25 Hot Singles Sales Chart, and he closed a distribution deal with San Rafael, California Independent record distributor City Hall Records.


Sacramento, California

Day gig:

Full time touring musician for ConFunkShun and solo artist.

Years experience:

About 35 years.

Bands & Gigs:

I play for a 4-Gold album selling old school band from the ’70s and ’80s era named Confunkshun.


I use just one bass, and that’s my Geddy Lee – never failed my sound. I usually order with backline for amps and lately I have been using the best Aguilar bass amps. I don’t have an endorsement with anyone; maybe I should go to NAMM.

Why I play the bass:

Larry Graham performed at my high school in 1978. I was just getting into the bass, and a year later, I played at his wife’s sister’s wedding. That’s when I met Larry Graham. He is the reason I play bass.

My bass superpower/claim to fame:

I bring lots of energy to the stage. The crowd gets into me and then it’s one big party.

My influences:

My main influence is Larry Graham. I also like Bootsy, Louis Johnson, Robert Wilson, Robert Kool Bell, and Janice Marie Johnson.

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