Digitech Announces FreqOut Feedback Pedal

Digitech FreqOut Feedback PedalDigitech has unveiled the FreqOut, a pedal for bass and guitar that creates controlled feedback. The stompbox uses pitch-detection technology to identify the harmonic content of notes and chords then makes those frequencies feedback in a musical way with several settings.

“Roaring feedback from an amp can add intensity and musicality to a live performance when used correctly,” Digitech’s Tom Cram explains. “FreqOut gives guitarists and bassists a way to create and utilize feedback in an incredibly musical way. Whether creating atmospheric washes of sound or adding infinite sustain to scorching lead sections, FreqOut lets players transform the raw intensity of feedback into a musical secret weapon.”

The FreqOut has a momentary switch that sets the operation of the footswitch to either feedback only when it is held down or to toggle between on and off. A Type knob allows for selecting between seven harmonic types of feedback: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, nat low, nat hi, and sub. It has a row of feedback LEDs to indicate when the signal is increasing as well as a dry switch that turns the unaffected signal on or off when the effect is enabled. The gain knob controls the amount of feedback signal mixed in with the dry signal, while an Onset knob controls the amount of time it takes for feedback to begin after a note is played.

The Digitech FreqOut will be available in March with a street price of $179.99.

Digitech FreqOut Feedback Pedal Features:

Natural Feedback at any level with or without distortion
Onset Delay and Level balance controls
7 Harmonic Feedback types
Dry Defeat
Momentary/Latching modes
True Bypass
9 VDC External Adapter (sold separately)

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