Ashdown Engineering Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Limited Edition Amps

Ashdown Engineering first launched in 1997, so this year they’re celebrating 20 years in the business with two limited edition rigs. Each of the sets will be handmade-to-order in England.

Ashdown Limited Edition 20th Anniversary ABM 600 EVO IV and ABM 410T EVO IVFirst up is the pairing of the Limited Edition 20th Anniversary ABM-600 EVO-IV and ABM 410T EVO-IV. The models are takes on Ashdown’s flagship ABM amplifier with some cosmetic and functional upgrades. “The guys over at Ashdown are notorious for being major car enthusiasts, as such the 20th Anniversary Ltd Edition model naturally takes on the design styling of a luxury motorcar interior,” a press release explains. “With custom diamond vinyl covering, this 20th Anniversary model is reminiscent of the interior of a new Bentley.”

The ABM-600 EVO-IV head is fitted with an anodized alloy front plate and features a 600-watt power stage with a tube preamp section featuring a 12AX7 tube. It has a 9-band EQ with built-in compression and a sub harmonic generator. The matching cab is fitted with the same Celestion speakers that the company used 20 years ago.

Ashdown Engineering 20th Anniversary Limited Edition CTM-30-Tweed Head and 112T-250-Tweed CabThe 20th Anniversary Limited Edition CTM-30-Tweed Head and 112T-250-Tweed Cab takes a more vintage-looking approach to the CTM line. “Last year, whilst approaching their 20th Anniversary, the idea of a Ltd Edition Tweed-covered CTM model came soon after the team at Ashdown produced a pair of custom Tweed wrapped CTM-300s and matching 810 cabinets for Nashville bass legend, Michael Rhodes,” Ashdown writes. “Currently touring with Joe Bonamassa, Michael wanted something a little special to stand behind him on stage that were in keeping with Joe’s vintage Fender combos.”

The all-tube head is rated at 30 watts with an EL84 power section with ECC83 and ECC82 preamp tubes. It has high and low inputs for either active or passive basses. The EQ section mixes a traditional 3-band EQ with the flexibility of a mid shift, bass shift, and bright switches. The 112T-250-Tweed cab has a single twelve-inch driver.

All of the 20th Anniversary have certificates from Ashdown founder Mark Gooday, who will also personally check each product. They will be available in limited quantities through the end of 2017. The Limited Edition 20th Anniversary ABM-600 EVO-IV and ABM 410T EVO-IV will both be priced at $999, while the 20th Anniversary Limited Edition CTM-30-Tweed Head and 112T-250-Tweed Cab will go for $799 and $299, respectively.

Ashdown Engineering 20th Anniversary ABM-600-EVO IV Amp Specs:

Power Output:600 Watts
Power Requirement:115 - 230 Volts
Speaker Outputs:2 x Jack/Speakon outputs
Frequency Response:-3dB an 17Hz und 30kHz
High Instrument Input:Impedance 3.9m Ohm, input range 150mV -
Low Instrument Input:Impedance - 10k ohms Input range 300mv to 40v p - p
Line Input:Impedance 22k Ohms / Input level 0dBu nominal
DI Output:600 Ohms balanced / Level -20dBu nominal With Ground Lift
Tuner Output:Impedance 22k Ohms, level 0dBu nominal
Impedance:Minimum 4 Ohms
Effects Send:Impedance 22k Ohm, Level 0dBu nominal
Effects Return:Impedance 22k Ohms, Input Level 0dBu Nominal
Pre-Amp Tubes:1 x 12 AX7
H x W x D (mm):135 x 474 x 320
Weight (kg):12.5kg

Ashdown Engineering 20th Anniversary ABM-410H-EVO-IV Amp Specifications:

Power Output:800 Watts
Speaker Configuration:4 x 10 Celestion Speakers with HF Horn
Impedance:4 Ohms:
H x W x D (mm):660 x 610 x 420

Ashdown Engineering 20th Anniversary CTM-30-Tweed Amp Specifications:

Power Output:30 Watts
Power Handling:30Hz to 16Khz
Speaker Outputs:Jack Sockets
High Instrument Input:450 MV
Low Instrument Input:150 MV
DI Output:Line level -1K
Impedance:Minimum Load 4 Ohms
EQ:Simple Passive Bass, Middle, Treble EQ Rotary controls
Effects Send:Valve Driven Inst Level
Effects Return:Valve Recovered
Pre-Amp Tubes:1 X ECC83 1 X ECC82
Output Tubes:4 x EL84

Ashdown Engineering 20th Anniversary 112T-250-Tweed Amp Specifications:

Power Output:300 Watts
Speaker Configuration:1 x 12
Impedance:8 Ohms

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