RJM Music Technology Introduces the Mastermind LT MIDI Foot Controller

RJM Mastermind LT MIDI Foot Controller

RJM Music Technology has introduced the Mastermind LT, a MIDI foot controller they describe as low coast yet very capable. It’s a more attainable version of their Mastermind GT for working musicians.

“The trick was to reduce the cost substantially without compromising quality,” a press release states. “Building the Mastermind LT with a single LCD and a multi-color LED over every button made it possible to reduce both the cost and size. The core of the unit – the processor, memory and USB interfaces remains the same as those on RJM’s more expensive products.”

The Mastermind LT can be used to control MIDI-capable pedals on a board as well as music apps like Ableton Live, Logic, and MainStage. It has sixteen user-configurable pages for lots of flexibility. “For example,” they write, “with a button tap, you can switch between a page that select presets on your devices, another page that turns effects on and off in a multi-effect unit, and a third page that controls a phrase looper, synth or DAW.”

Other features include an expression pedal input, an external switch input, a function switch output, and a USB port. It also ships with free editor software for programming more advanced editing tasks.

The RJM Music Technology Mastermind LT is shipping now with a street price of $399.

RJM Music Technology Mastermind LT MIDI Foot Controller Features:

7 buttons, each with a multi-color LED
16 button pages that can be set up to perform different functions, control multiple devices, etc.
A large main LCD display shows the preset number, preset name and/or song name
Phantom power capability allows you to run the Mastermind LT with a single MIDI cable – no separate power supply needed
More than one Mastermind LT can be connected together and used in multiple locations on stage
Expression pedal input which allows sending of continuous control MIDI messages to your effect devices
External switch input allows you to add an additional 1 or 2 buttons to the controller for tap tempo or any other purpose. External switches have a single color LED and can be configured to do anything that the internal switches can
Function switch output allows you to control channel switching on amps, 1/4-inch switching inputs on pedals, etc. Two switches are provided using a 1/4-inch TRS jack
USB support for direct connection to a PC or Mac. The Mastermind LT can be bus powered from the USB port
USB thumb drive input allows you to save and restore settings to a thumb drive
On board editing menus allow basic configuration for devices, MIDI CC, PC and Note messages
Editor software for PC and Mac allows additional configuration, including complete control over the configuration of buttons
Built for the rigors of the road with high-quality components throughout
2 year limited warranty
Made in the USA

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