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Reader Spotlight: David Ashton

David Ashton

Meet David Ashton, who started playing bass three years ago thanks to a band in need of a bassist. When his mother became ill, he started focusing more on his music. Then an encounter with Victor Wooten changed things even more.

David is this week’s No Treble reader in the spotlight. Here’s his story…


In April of 2000, I was born a triplet to my mother, Kirstan and my father, Brett. I lived in Evansville until the age of three and moved to Zionsville where I went to school. In October of 2014, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. During this time I focused on music more than I normally did and really started to get better. I ended up getting the spot in my school’s jazz band for the rest of high school. My sophomore year, Victor Wooten came to my town and played a concert with my school’s jazz band, and I was given the opportunity to play bass with the man who is possibly the best bass player alive. This got me really interested in my instrument and led me to attend Victor Wooten’s Bass and Nature Camp. The camp really expanded my musical knowledge, and I am currently preparing to audition at Berklee College of Music in December of 2017.


Zionsville/Indiana/United States

Day gig:

I’m currently a student, but work part time at Walgreens as a customer service associate (CSA).

Years experience:

I’ve been playing the bass for three years.

Bands & Gigs:

I’m not currently in a band and/or gigging, but I play bass for my school’s show choir combo and my school’s jazz band.


  • 6-String Warwick Corvette
  • Ditto Mini Looper
  • Zoom B9.1UT Bass Effects Console

Why I play the bass:

My good pal, Declan, played the guitar and had wanted to form a band but lacked a bass player. This prompted me to buy a cheap bass and learn how to play. Ever since then, I’ve been in love with the instrument.

My bass superpower/claim to fame:

I do a lot of solo bass arrangements ranging from Victor Wooten’s “Amazing Grace” to solo tracks played on a looping station.

My influences:

Some of my influences include Victor Wooten, Federico Malaman, Adam Neely, and Wojtek Pilichowski.

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