Victor Bailey’s Basses Up For Auction

Victor Bailey

The world lost one of its great bass players in November with the passing of the legendary Victor Bailey. His work with artists ranging from Weather Report to Madonna as well as his own solo albums influenced a whole generation of bassists.

Now, as part of his wishes, his estate is placing several of his basses and studio other gear up for auction. Proceeds from the auctions will “help fund special events related to Victor’s memory and legacy,” his Facebook fan page states.

Among the instruments are two Fender Jazz basses, a Fodera NYC Deluxe, an Ibanez Roadstar Fretless, and a Fender Victor Bailey Signature acoustic bass guitar. It also includes one of his most famous basses: a 1986 Pensa Suhr that he used for touring and to record his debut solo “Bottom’s Up.” The items are rounded out with a pedalboard, a pair of Fender barstools, and a group of Madonna memorabilia.

“Seeing these items brings back a lot of memories for myself,” says Jack Frisch. “Having work closely with Victor for many years as his tech, transport and assistant, I used to see all of these items in and around his home studio, especially the Fender bar stools and all of these basses up for auction. As much as all of us feel so sad that Victor is gone, we smile knowing it was one of his specific wishes that these basses and various related items be auction so that others could make music with them. There is a lot of special vibe in everyone of those basses!”

The items will be auctioned off on May 14th through Skinner Auctions.

Here’s an incredible clip of Bailey playing on his Pensa Suhr bass in 1990:

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