Vanderkley Amps Introduces Spartan Bass Amp and 210LNT Neolite Cabinet

Vanderkley Amps has unveiled two new products: the Spartan bass amp and the 210LNT cabinet. Unveiled at the London Bass Guitar Show, the Spartan was designed for “tone, power, and simplicity.”

Vanderkley Spartan Bass Amp

“The Spartan is the perfect match for my Neolite bass cabinets, which offer effortless power handling and are able to very clearly project the entire delivered range of frequencies from the amp,” Vanderkley writes. “A key feature of the Spartan is its ability to run a 4-Ohm cabinet on each output. This allows the user to connect two 4-Ohm or four 8-Ohm cabinets to cover larger venues or stages. With this feature, and with my other design elements, the Spartan becomes a very powerful, capable bass amplifier in an extremely portable package.”

The Spartan runs 400 watts at 8 ohms or 800 watts at 4 ohms with a simple interface. Starting with a input that has a three-way mute/0dB/-12dB switch, its front panel has a five-band EQ with Low, Low Mid, Mid, Mid High, and High knobs. At the end of the line is the overall volume level. The back panel has a direct XLR output with ground and pre/post EQ switches. The whole unite weighs 11 pounds.

Vanderkley Amps 210LNT Neolite Bass CabinetThe 210LNT is part of Vanderkley’s Neolite series and as such is loaded with a pair of 10-inch neodymium drivers plus a tweeter. It handles up to 1200 watts at 4 ohms, though an 8 ohm version can be ordered as an option. It has a frequency response of 40 Hz – 16 kHz and weighs 44 pounds.

The Vanderkley Spartan bass amp and 210LNT cabinet are built in the Netherlands. They are available for order now with approximate U.S. prices of $1900 and $1,065, respectively.

Vanderkley Spartan Bass Amp Features:

Input with 0/-12dB selection and mute
5-band active tone control, boost/cut with centre click
Low: -18dB/+18dB @ 40Hz
Low Mid: -15dB/+15dB @ 90Hz
Mid: -14dB/+14dB @ 600Hz
Mid High: -15dB/+15dB @ 4kHz
High: -18dB/+18dB @ 11kHz
Master volume
The pre-amp is built up from high-end, audio op-amps
Transformer Balanced DI out (mic level), Pre/post Eq, Ground lift
All signal switching is done with relays
Output A: 800 Watt @ 4 Ohm, 400 Watt @ 8 Ohm
Output B: 800 Watt @ 4 Ohm, 400 Watt @ 8 Ohm
High-end OEM class D power-amp with switch-mode power supply
Universal mains, 100V - 240V
Ultra silent cooling fan
Individually handmade in the Netherlands
Weight: 5 Kg
H X W X D = 9 x 30 x 23 cm
It is two rack units high and comes with rack-ears for 19″ mounting
Gig-bag for the Spartan is available

Vanderkley Amps 210LNT Neolite Bass Cabinet Specs:

Configuration:2x10″ Neodymium drivers + tweeter
Power:1200 Watts AES* (*2 Hours test according to AES 2-1984 Rev. 2003)
Impedance:4 Ohm (8 Ohm on request)
Freq. response:40 Hz – 16 kHz
Sensitivity:100 dB 1W @ 1m
Dimensions:H x W x D, 59 x 50 x 41 cm
Weight:20 Kg / 44 lbs

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