Bass of the Week: GV Guitars NeoFang Steambass

GV Guitars NeoFang Steambass just released a new demo of the GV Guitars NeoFang Steambass, and it’s too cool not to share. Made in Slovakia, the bass’s design revolves around the steampunk aesthetic of blending old-time and modern looks. They achieve this with an alder body wrapped in carbon fiber against a full rosewood neck as well as cool gear inlays on fretboard and pickups.

The fingerboard is ebony to continue the instrument’s dark color palette. The tricked-out pickups are a custom set made by Sublime and are matched to a 2-band Zolkow preamp.

Check out Gregor Fris’s overview of the bass with demo playing by Lars Lehmann:

GV Guitars NeoFang Steambass Specs:

Body:EU Alder
Body Finish:Carbon Fiber Coating
Neck:Santos Rosewood
Pickups:Sublime Custom Set
Electronics:Zolkow Preamp
Tuners:Schaller BM Light Patina
Bridge:Schaller 3D-4 Patina

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