Reader Spotlight: Ariana Falcò

Ariana Falcò

Meet Ariana Falcò, a bassist from Argentina who spends her days teaching, recording and playing bass. Ariana is this week’s No Treble reader in the spotlight. Here’s her story…


I started to play bass when I was 17 and in a random way, when some friends forgot an electric bass, after a show, in my house. Since I was a child, I was a music lover, so I immediately plugged in the instrument.

It only took one touch, and I instantly fell in love with its sound. A month later I was part of the band my friends had. At the age of 19, I started to study in Buenos Aires and got my degree of music teacher in a year; specializing in jazz and tango.

Throughout the time, I played and sung in different bands with different music styles like rock, funk, tango, jazz, bossa nova and fusion; contributing with my own compositions as well.


San Justo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Day gig:

My days are mostly the same: I teach my bass students, make recordings or rehearsals. In my free time I usually go swimming!

Years experience:

I am a bass player for 16 years now.

Bands & Gigs:

Currently, I play with Valen Etchegoyen (Sony Music), who is developing as an important pop artist here in Argentina, with whom we perform in the main theaters in Buenos Aires. I also play with an artist from the rock scene Izzy Gainza. And I usually perform in jazz, funk soul, and R&B jams. I am an endorser of the Cluster and Nitro Bass Argentine pedals, very used by musicians of the local scene, also of accessories of the international brand GruvGear.


  • MusicMan StingRay 5
  • Mel Jazz Bass 4
  • Gallien-Krueger 700 RB Bass Head
  • EBS Reidmar 750 Compact Bass Head
  • MXR Envelope Filter
  • Nitro Bass Preamp
  • Cluster Bass Fuzz – The Dragon-71.
  • Pedal Hole Pedalboard
  • Gruv Gear FretWraps

Why I play the bass:

I definitely chose the bass for its sound. The power of the low keys fascinated me from the beginning.

My bass superpower/claim to fame:

I do not know if I have any super power. I am known for my sounds and my firmness when playing, but I love what I do, and I make an effort to give my best… maybe that is my superpower.

My influences:

My music influences have changed throughout the years, but in chronological order, the highlights are The Ramones, The Beatles, L.A Spinetta, Guillermo Vadalá, Marcus Miller, Darryl Jones, Pino Palladino, Gabriel Vilches and almost every known and unknown bass players that I like to pay attention to.

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