Marco Pistone: Joe Frazier Playthrough

Jeff Berlin posted an update on Facebook yesterday announcing that he’s working on a new recording of his tune, “Joe Frazier.”

That made me think back to the 80’s when Jeff’s album Pump It! was on my turntable quite often. That tune, in particular, got a lot of attention.

And so I went on the hunt for some videos of the song, which brought me to this remarkable play along video by Marco Pistone, who not only nails the lines, but also the solos. (And my hands are tired just watching it).

As for Jeff’s new version, “It is barely anything like the older versions at all. In fact, I view this new tune as one of the most harmonically diverse and rhythmically slamming tunes I ever wrote. I simply never composed anything quite like it before. Real recording with real musicians begins toward the end of July,” he shared.

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