Bass of the Week: Rikkers Guitars Treeline

Rikkers Guitars Treeline Bass

This week we’re checking out a unique instrument made by Rikkers Guitars. Made in the Netherlands, the Treeline is a lightweight single-cut design derived from their Powerline model.

“The Treeline is a tribute to wood as a natural product. No trees no life – let alone custom basses,” Rikkers writes. “The single-cut construction allows for optimal energetic transmission of the string vibration, resulting in tight and dominant lows. Therefore, the low B of the Treeline is well-defined and solid as a tree.”

Rikkers builds each Treeline as one-of-a-kind instruments. It’s available in four, five, and six-string versions and totally customizable with options for woods, fretted or fretless, electronics, and hardware.

Rikkers Guitars Treeline Bass Specs:

Strings:4, 5, or 6
Construction:Set Neck
Body:Choice of Woods
Neck:Quarter-sawn Maple
Fingerboard:Choice of Woods
Pickups:Choice of Pickups

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