BAE Audio Now Shipping PDI Direct Box

BAE Audio PDI Direct Box

BAE Audio has introduced the PDI, a direct box that works for bass, guitar, keyboards and more. Central to the unit’s design is an OEP/Carnhill transformer that is made in the UK.

“The high-quality audio transformer along with through hole component technology provides a more reliable secure connection and audio signal. All circuit traces are gold-plated for maximum conductivity,” BAE states.

The PDI has a frequency response of ± 2dB from 10 Hz to 40 kHz. It has a 1/4-inch input with a Lo-Z XLR output as well as two 1/4-inch thru jacks. It is hand-assembled in California and is shipping now for $120.

BAE Audio PDI Direct Box Features:

Carnhill Transformer
Dual Thru Outputs
Gold-Plated PCB
Steel Chassis
Made in California

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