Dmitry Lisenko Releases “minimalist”

Dmitry Lisenko: minimalistBassist Dmitry Lisenko has released a new solo album entitled minimalist. The aptly titled record was made only with his acoustic bass guitar.

“Minimalism is the practice of making space for the things you value most in life, by removing the excess that distracts you from happiness. In other words: Less is More,” Lisenko writes. “Today in our world we have so much stuff that we don’t use, we spend so much time on the things we don’t need, we just keep buying and buying in a continued cycle of consumerism. Such way of life not only lead us into depression, but also keeps us in a life long trap. Getting out the unneeded things and wants gives us a lot more free time and clarity.”

While Lisenko keeps it to one instrument, he can certainly make the most of it. The bassist uses the body and strings for percussion while playing engaging lines that float between bass and melody. Two tracks include guests: “Eye of Providence” features the bass stylings of Michael Manring while “Friend Offline” is taken from his project Karmafree.

Check out his style with this video for the track “Illusion of Change”:

Dmitry Lisenko’s minimalist is available now as a digital download via Bandcamp.

minimalist Track List:

  1. Prometheus
  2. Illusion of Change
  3. Alien Invasion
  4. Happiness Only Real When Shared
  5. Flat Earth
  6. Eye of Providence (Featuring Michael Manring)
  7. Brainwashing
  8. In Memory of Jacque Fresco
  9. minimalism
  10. Karmafree – Friend Offline

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