11-String Bassist Jean Baudin Releases Third Solo Album, “2600”

Jean Baudin: 2600Extended range bassist Jean Baudin has released his third solo bass album, entitled 2600. The bassist recorded the entire 27-track album using only his 11-string Kenneth Lawrence bass and a pedalboard.

“Having recorded my previous two solo ‘bass’ albums with a strict set of boundaries (no overdubs or edits), I wanted to try something different for my third album,” Baudin writes. “I’ve always been fascinated with effect pedals; especially those that completely changed the way my instrument sounded. For this album, I thought I’d have fun and experiment. Armed with only my 11-string bass and a massive pedalboard, I’ve attempted to make a bass/guitar solo album that sounds nothing like a bass or a guitar (most of the time). The end result, I feel, falls somewhere between a sci-fi movie score and an 8-bit video game soundtrack. I hope you dig it as much as I enjoyed making it.”

2600 is available now as a digital download through Bandcamp.

2600 Track List:

  1. Sentience
  2. 583 Years from Now
  3. Astral Origins
  4. Exoplanet
  5. Sector 8
  6. Drifting
  7. Uncanny Valley
  8. Eat. Sleep.
  9. Mechanical Fairies
  10. Hexagon
  11. Falling Sky
  12. The Umwelt
  13. 4d3d3d3 Engaged
  14. Astroidean
  15. Whispers
  16. Semiosphere
  17. Prototypes
  18. Ring System
  19. Augmentation
  20. Hive Mind
  21. Heliopause
  22. Primitive
  23. I Made This Robot for You
  24. Om
  25. Extinct
  26. ????
  27. Jettison

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