Bass of the Week: Marc Chicoine Dominic “Forest” Lapointe 6-String Bass

I’m always astounded by the bass work of Dominic “Forest” Lapointe. His refined technique and raw emotion always come through in his bass lines. I’m also stunned by his basses, which is why this week we’re checking out his six-string left-handed signature bass built by luthier Marc Chicoine. Based around Quebec, Chicoine has been building guitars and basses for 20 years alongside his own career as a musician.

Marc Chicoine Dominic Forest Lapointe Bass

“[It’s been] 26 years that Forest plays bass,” Chicoine writes on Facebook. “This skillful lefty musician toured around the world (also has a session member), recorded many albums with various bands/projects. His playing is unique and fierce, like his stage presence. It’s an honor for [me] to sponsor him.”

The blacked out bass is built with a Black Limba body topped with Katalox and coated in a black stain and trans black satin finish. Its carbon fiber-reinforced neck is a five-piece laminate of flame maple and purple heart that is topped with a Madagascar rosewood fretboard. Ebony binding and glow-in-the-dark dots adorn the side of the neck.

For electronics, the duo decided on a pair of Aguilar DCB matched to their OBP-3 preamp.

Check out what the monster axe sounds like in the hands of its master with this playthrough of “Leader” by BARF:

Marc Chicoine Dominic “Forest” Lapointe 6-String Bass Specs:

Body:Black Limba
Top:Katalox Top,
Color:Black Stain
Body Finish:Trans Black Satin
Neck:5-Piece Flame Maple and Purple Heart
Neck Reinforcement:Carbon Fiber and Double Action Trust Rod
Head Stock Plate:Kataklox
Fretboard:Madagascar Rosewood
Inlays:Nacre (Front), Luminlay (Side Dot)
Pickups:Aguilar 2 X DCB
Preamp:Aguilar OBP-3 18Volts (Active)
Bridge:Hipshot 17.5mm
Strings:Elixir -Light 14202
Weight:9 Pounds

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