René Flächsenhaar and Lars Lehmann: 15 Basses in 7 Minutes’s Gregor Fris and collaborators René Flächsenhaar and Lars Lehmann teamed up to make this cool video featuring fifteen basses over seven minutes. The bassists play different styles to accent the voice of each bass ranging from gnarly grooves to woody fretless singing.

“This video shows all the current BassTheWorld studio Basses,” Fris explains. “In a couple of weeks I’ll release a long version where I talk about each bass, but I think this one here is more interesting.”

The basses they use in order of appearance are the Cort Artisan C4 Plus, AV Basses AVPB4, Sandberg Guitars Forty Eight, Adamovic Hollow 6 Fretless, Sandberg California TT4 Masterpiece, Torillo Custom Bass, Kiesel AB4, Musicvox Spaceranger, G&L L-1000, Cort Rithimic V, F-Bass FV-5P, Musicvox Space Cadet 12-string, SUNN Mustang, Adamovic Saturn 5 Solomon Padouk, and Musicvox Spaceranger XL.

Which one is your favorite?

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