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Alex Canion: Bass Playthrough of Voyager’s “Ghost Mile”

Voyager’s Alex Canion gives us a closeup look at the bass line to the title track from the band’s 2017 album, Ghost Mile. Armed with a tone that will bite your face off, the bassist tears through the bass line with slapped notes for punctuation.

“This song is deceptively hard to play live and it features a few different techniques; aggressive finger-style, good ol’ slappin’ & poppin’ and all out 5 string palm-muted bar chords,” Canion shares. “I tracked my pitched ‘HevyDevy’ yelling for the track after laying down the bass and, admittedly, I didn’t realize it would get pushed up in the mix of the song, subsequently requiring me to do it live. That part is a real challenge too, so I decided to make fun of it in the video!”

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