Thin The Herd Guitars and Birdsong Guitars Announce the CBG 30.5 T-Bass

Thin The Herd Guitars CBG 30.5 T-Basses

Thin The Herd Guitars recently collaborated with Scott Beckwith of Birdsong Guitars to create the CBG 30.5 T-Bass. The bass takes elements from each of the companies’ instruments.

“Scott started with our familiar Model T body, then applied his signature ‘recipe’ for quality tone and ease-of-playability into the design. Loaded with EMG-sized, custom-wound PUNCHBUCKER Pickups – specified by Scott Beckwith. The T-Bass is built to produce the signature BIG SOUND players expect from a Birdsong short-scale bass!”

Other features on the bass include a maple neck, a bound body with belly cut, and a hi-mass bridge. It is available in alpine white, sea foam green, and robin blue.

Check out Beckwith demoing the bass:

The Thin The Herd Guitars CBG 30.5 T-Bass can be ordered now for $795, which includes a hardshell case.

Thin The Herd Guitars CBG 30.5 T-Bass Features:

Body Binding:Yes
Pickups:Birdsong Guitars Spec'd Punchbucker
Bridge:Hi-mass bridge
Weight:8-8.5 pounds

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