Best of 2017: The Top 10 Bass Player Interviews and Podcasts

We had the chance to chat with many bass players over the course of 2017, between the Groove Podcast and our other interviews.

Here are the top 10 reader favorites of the year.

Groove – Episode #32: Joe Dart

1. Groove – Episode #32: Joe Dart

Let’s just call it a “mutual admiration society.” Vulfpeck bassist, Joe Dart, has always been very kind to the No Treble community. And all of us – here at No Treble – can’t get enough of his funky grooves that often dominate and lead the band’s music…

Groove – Episode #26: Nathan East

2. Groove – Episode #26: Nathan East

It’s hard to not hear the music of Nathan East. His discography is – literally – a who’s who of popular music, and it runs across many genres…

Groove – Episode #29: Chuck Rainey

3. Groove – Episode #29: Chuck Rainey

How does one concisely (and intelligently) write something meaningful about an artist like Chuck Rainey? It’s easy to say that Chuck is an American bassist who was born in Cleveland, Ohio and went on to play with artists like Aretha Franklin, Steely Dan, Marvin Gaye, The Jackson 5, Quincy Jones, etc…

Sky Trails: An Interview with Mai Agan

4. Sky Trails: An Interview with Mai Agan

Mai Agan is a bassist with an incredible story. Like every good story, it comes from tons of hard work and a little good timing. We caught up with Agan to discuss her work, life, and how she landed a gig with David Crosby…

Groove – Episode #27: Richard Bona

5. Groove – Episode #27: Richard Bona

He’s known as “The African Sting,” and people compare his style, approach and flair of the electric bass to Jaco Pastorius. If there’s one word that best describes Richard Bona it is: artist. The Cameroon native blends elements of African rhythms with jazz, rock, and pop. He has played with guitarist Mike Stern and Japanese…

Groove – Episode #25: Zander Zon

6. Groove – Episode #25: Zander Zon

Zander Zon has close to 60,000 subscribers on YouTube. That’s impressive for any solo bass player. What’s even more impressive is that Zander’s videos have generated close to 8 million views. The U.S. born (but London-based) artist has become known for both his original bass compositions, as well as his solo bass covers…

Groove – Episode #31: Shem Von Schroeck

7. Groove – Episode #31: Shem Von Schroeck

Most people know Shem Von Schroeck as the longtime bass player in Kenny Loggins’ band. At the beginning of this summer, Shem got word that he landed the coveted bass gig in Toto. The prolific and proficient bass player has also worked with everyone from Don Felder of The Eagles to Christopher Cross…

Unify: An Interview with Billy Sherwood

8. Unify: An Interview with Billy Sherwood

When Billy Sherwood first formed the band World Trade with Guy Allison, Bruce Gowdy, and Mark T. Williams in 1988, he probably didn’t know that it would help lead him to his current musical situation. The band’s demos caught the ear of Yes’s Chris Squire, leading the two to work together throughout the years. The…

The Revolution: An Interview with BrownMark

9. The Revolution: An Interview with BrownMark

BrownMark cut his teeth in the musically rich Minneapolis before being picked up by the one and only Prince in 1981. We caught up with him to get the scoop on his hometown, his musical beginnings, and the lessons he learned from Prince…

Groove – Episode #35: Steve Bailey

10. Groove – Episode #35: Steve Bailey

Here’s a little known personal fact about me: Steve Bailey’s 2007 album, So Low… Solo, is one my favorite instrumental music discs of all time. Beyond his stunning mastery of the six-string fretless bass, the composition and arrangements on this album are captivating…

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