Massive Unity Announces the 1964 Preamplifier

Massive Unity 1964 PreamplifierMassive Unity debuted the 1964 at the Winter NAMM Show, a preamp powered by T.A.E. technology. Made for both bass and guitar, the unit was designed as a professional alternative to amplifiers as well as a responsive backup to your regular rig.

“1964 is a full analog amplifier simulator for line connection that you can use as a highly detailed preamp to your amp’s fx loop return, or even an impressive tube sounding booster/overdrive to your amp’s input,” Massive Unity writes.

Each 1964 is handmade in Europe. Features include a 20 dB switchable boost, remote switching, a true coil transformer, and preamp & speaker emulated outputs. It’s available for $366.

Massive Unity 1964 Preamplifier Features:

Powered by T.A.E. technology
Real analog experience
Top-mounted I/O
Handmade in Europe
20 dB switchable booster
True Coil Transformer
Remote switching
Preamp & Speaker emulated Outputs
Powered by 9V adaptor

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