Bart Soeters: Bass Sounds II

Back in 2013, bassist Bart Soeters sent us an awesome clip of himself demoing 19 basses. Now he’s released “Bass Sounds II”, which has him jamming out on a whopping 34 basses.

The video ranges in styles to showcase the strengths of each instrument, which range from vintage axes to modern works of art. Joris Holtackers accompanies Soeters on keys and drums.

The basses in the video include:

  • Toby Chennell Arco Acoustic Bassguitar
  • Esteve PS-CB Contrabajo
  • Hofner Deluxe Violin Bass
  • Willcox Lightwave Saber VL5 Fretless
  • Yamaha BB300 / Ellio Martina Bassmute
  • Gibson SG Bass
  • Gretsch G5123B Electromatic
  • NS Design Basscello
  • Mahalo MEB1 Bass Ukelele
  • Musicman Stingray
  • F-Bass AC-6
  • Rivertone RV-1 Violin Bass
  • Fodera Emperor II Elite 6
  • Dingwall Afterburner II
  • Stradi Symphony 6 chambered
  • Fender Jazz Bass (1971)
  • Fender Precision (1959)
  • Fender Precision (1966)
  • Rickenbacker 4003
  • Rob Allen Deep 5
  • Warwick GPS Corvette 5A
  • Takamine B-10
  • Rick Turner Renaissance Bass
  • Adamovic FBC Bart Soeters signature
  • Bass Collection SCG Nanyo SB 511 ON
  • Fender Jazz Bass Deluxe
  • F-Bass BN-5
  • Hohner The Jack (1988)
  • Ibanez BTB 705 OL
  • Fender 60’s Thinline Jazz Bass
  • Stoll Acoustic Bass
  • Yamaha BB2024
  • Burns Barracuda Baritone Guitar
  • Vox Humana/ True Temperament Tele-P/J 8+6 double neck

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