Top 10: The Most Watched Bass Videos (January 2018)

Time for a roundup of the good stuff… aka the top 10 bass videos of the month.

Here are the top 10 reader favorite videos we shared in January.

Thanks for watching, commenting and sharing!

ViGitarS2dio: Rock Cover of Daft Punk’s “Aerodynamic”

1. ViGitarS2dio: Rock Cover of Daft Punk’s “Aerodynamic”

Daft Punk’s 2001 album Discovery is chockfull of catchy grooves. Here ViGitarS2dio and company cover the song “Aerodynamic” in a rock band setting. Laura L?ce lays down the hypnotic groove on the bass, taking a quick solo version of it at the 2-minute mark…

Level 42: “Something About You” – Live (2016)

2. Level 42: “Something About You” – Live (2016)

Level 42’s Mark King is a master of slap bass. His complex rhythmic and melodic bass lines are tough enough to tackle alone, but he manages to sing at the same time. The folks at Java Jazz Festival just shared this performance of “Something About You,” which took place in 2016…

Stuart Clayton: Bass Lick of the Week #6 – Slow Fingerstyle Groove

3. Stuart Clayton: Bass Lick of the Week #6 – Slow Fingerstyle Groove

Here’s another entry in Stuart Clayton’s excellent “Bass Lick of the Week” series. “This exercise is a slow fingerstyle groove that’s played quite aggressively,” Stuart shares. “I was listening to a lot of Vulfpeck when I came up with this, there’s definitely a Joe Dart influence here… It was played on a Fender Jazz Bass”…

YYNOT: Natural Science

4. YYNOT: Natural Science

YYNOT is back with a new Rush cover – and a new drummer. In this clip, they play “Natural Science” from Rush’s Permanent Waves. Joel Stevenett is the new drummer, and as always, the bass is handled by No Treble reader favorite Tim Starace…

Vulfpeck: Dean Town (Live)

5. Vulfpeck: Dean Town (Live)

Vulfpeck’s “Dean Town” is one of the all-time favorites around here. So it was super cool to see the band share this live performance of the tune, which took place during the “Wisdom of Crowds Tour 2017” in Dublin, Ireland…

Mohini Dey with Gary Willis: Groove a Day

6. Mohini Dey with Gary Willis: Groove a Day

We’re huge fans of Mohini Dey and always on the lookout for her videos. Here’s another one that blew us away. “Finally!!!! It’s out! Had [the] honor to work/record for the great Gary Willis and his new app ‘Groove A Day‘,” Mohini shared…

Nathan Navarro: 100 Bass Riffs

7. Nathan Navarro: 100 Bass Riffs

We love a good bass line compilation, and Nathan Navarro’s latest puts a cool spin on it. The bassist plays 100 riffs, but each riff gets faster as he goes. Starting with Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side”, he plays them in ascending order of notes per second…

Kinga G?yk: Difficult Choices

8. Kinga G?yk: Difficult Choices

Kinga G?yk’s new album, Dream, offers up some seriously great music. Here’s one of the tunes, “Difficult Choices”…

Lake Street Dive: Godawful Things

9. Lake Street Dive: Godawful Things

Here’s another great clip from Lake Street Dive’s 2016 Bose Better Sound Session. The tune, “Godawful Things,” starts with some lyrical bass playing by Bridget Kearney before the band kicks it into gear…

Dino Fiorenza: Biondology

10. Dino Fiorenza: Biondology

Metal bassist Dino Fiorenza pulls out all the stops in this playthrough for the song “Biondology”. Beginning with some intense two-handed tapping, he incorporates sweep arpeggios, slap, and more to fill the song out…

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