GoGo Tuners Introduces Portable, Rechargeable Power Supply

GoGo Tuners Drop Spot Power Supply

GoGo Tuners has unveiled the Drop Spot, a USB rechargeable 9V lithium battery power supply for pedals. The portable device is capable of powering multiple pedals, pedalboards, and high current effects by offering 9V, 700ma power.

The company’s slogan of “Green you’re in and Red you’re out” applies to the Drop Spot as well. Indicator lights go from green to red depending on how much power is left in the unit. The Drop Spot can be charged in three hours from a computer, car charger, or a typical USB wall mount. It will be shipping in March with a price point of $99.

GoGo Tuners Drop Spot Power Supply Features:

USB Rechargeable 9V Lithium Battery Power Supply
9V 700ma Lithium Battery
Can Power Pedals, Pedal Boards, and High Current Draw Effects
Visual Power Indicator
Charges to Full Power in 3 Hours

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