Corcoran Holt Releases “The Mecca”

Corcoran Holt: The MeccaAfter honing his craft with some of the top jazz musicians in the world, bassist Corcoran Holt has released his debut solo album called The Mecca. Holt, who is a regular with sax legend Kenny Garrett’s band, dishes out a mix of original songs and standards with unshakeable bass lines. Besides a solid foundation, Holt offers thoughtful solos throughout the album as well as top-notch arco work on “No Two People,” “Zuri Nia,” and “Everything Happens to Me.”

Though the title refers to New York City as the arts capital of the world, Holt pays homage to his Washington, D.C. roots in the music, especially on “14th Street Bounce”.

“[The song is] dedicated to 14th Street NW [in] Washington DC, which is the actual street where Corcoran grew up during his teenage years while attending Duke Ellington School of the Arts,” the liner notes explain. “It is a reflection of the beat of 14th Street going from the downtown U Street Corridor which is where most of the jazz clubs were located all the way uptown where his mother’s home is and the original location of the first jazz club Holt ever played, Twins Jazz. 14th Street has a bounce and vibrancy dealing with many different cultures on the one street in Washington DC.”

Check out “14th Street Bounce”:

The Mecca is available now as a digital download through iTunes and Amazon MP3.

The Mecca Track List:

  1. Another Groove
  2. NW
  3. 14th Street Bounce
  4. No Two People
  5. Zuri Nia
  6. Everything Happens To Me
  7. Raven’s Wing
  8. That’s All
  9. Brother Corc
  10. Rainy Days
  11. Smile
  12. Libation (For My Ancestors)

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