TC Electronic Unveils the SpectraDrive Bass Preamp & Line Driver

TC Electronic SpectraDrive Bass Preamp & Line DriverTC Electronic has expanded their bass offerings with the SpectraDrive, a bass preamp and line driver that the company calls a powerful tone tool for bass players. Its preamp section is taken from their BH800 head and features a four-band EQ plus TonePrint compression from their SpectraComp effect.

“But the real power of SpectraDrive is the custom built studio-grade DI with switches for pre/post-EQ, ground/lift, and line/instrument level, which allows you to control your sound through the house PA from the stage,” TC Electronic writes. “Add to that a TonePrint TubeDrive circuit with a separate footswitch to cover your low-end in an array of different dirts while the built-in BonaFide Buffer keeps your tone crisp and loud no matter the distance.”

The TC Electronic SpectraDrive will be shipping in the second quarter of the year with a price of $199.99.

TC Electronic SpectraDrive Bass Preamp & Line Driver Pedal Features:

Bass preamp with 4-band intelligent EQ
Active DI with balanced XLR output
TonePrint: SpectraComp compression and TubeDrive distortion
Built-in BonaFide Buffer
Headphone Amp
AUX input

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