Songbird FX Releases USB to 9V Pedal Power Cable

Songbird FX Birdcord Power CableSongbird FX has released the Birdcord, a USB to 9-volt adapter cable that allows you to power your pedals with a USB socket. Simply plug the USB end into your computer or a USB power bank and the 2.1mm DC plug into your effect. The cord can also be used to power mini amps.

The company writes that it converts 5 volt USB power to 9 volt DC while eliminating hum, buzz, and hiss. It offers a maximum output current of 850mA. The Songbird FX Birdcord is available now for $18.45.

Songbird FX Birdcord Power Cable Features:

Converts 5 Volt USB Power to 9 Volt DC
Compatible with Guitar Pedals, Mini Amps and More
Standard 2.1mm DC plug, center negative polarity
Noisefree operation with USB powerbanks
Enough Current even for Digital Pedals and small to medium Pedalboards
Maximum Output Current = 850mA

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