Spirit Fingers, featuring Hadrien Feraud, Releases Debut Album

Spirit Fingers: Spirit FingersThe amazing bass playing of Hadrien Feraud is featured on the debut album from Spirit Fingers, a jazz supergroup led by pianist Greg Spero and filled out by drummer Mike Mitchell and guitarist Dario Chiazzolino. The band’s unique and intense sound is forged by Feraud’s bass.

“Hadrien’s technical and harmonic capabilities are beyond any other living bass player that I know of today,” Spero told Revive Music. “He is a perfectionist, hypercritical, and always striving for greatness. His personality and critique play an invaluable part in the way we execute my compositions. I feel that Hadrien and Mike establish the parameters for the feel of the Spirit Fingers material, and then Dario steps into those parameters and fills the space with a musical voice at the highest level of guitarists of our generation.”

Hear the band at work on “you”, which features an extended bass intro from Feraud:

Spirit Fingers is available now on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Spirit Fingers Track List:

  1. inside
  2. maps
  3. try
  4. for
  5. movement
  6. find
  7. space
  8. release
  9. location
  10. being
  11. you
  12. realize

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