Jay Leonhart Releases “Don’t You Wish” with Tomoko Ohno

Jay Leonhart and Tomoko Ohno: Don't You WishBassist/vocalist Jay Leonhart has teamed up with pianist Tomoko Ohno for a new album entitled Don’t You Wish. Leonhart, who bassists may know from his songs like “It’s Impossible to Sing and Play The Bass” and “Bass Aboard a Plane“, offers up his humorous tales of the musician’s life.

“I am a jazz bassist with interests that roam far and wide. The words and music on this CD reflect my state of mind about the world and all kinds of other stuff,” he writes in the album notes. “Things that happened or that I imagined happened. Actually, most of my songs are autobiographical.”

Often the songs include situations to which too many of us can relate. Take the title track’s opening lyrics: “Don’t you wish you’d taken up the flute?/ People ask me every day/ They really can’t conceive it, they really don’t believe it/ that anyone would choose the bass to play.” Aside from playful topics, Leonhart’s playing is spot on with a warm yet defined tone and creative lines. Though his song implies it’s impossible, the bassist makes it seem easy to sing while tastefully accompanying himself.

Check out the track “I Got The Blues”:

Don’t You Wish is available as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Don’t You Wish Track List:

  1. Playboy Club
  2. Don’t You Wish
  3. Curtains
  4. I Got The Blues
  5. Tulips
  6. Schadenfreude
  7. Change My Occupation
  8. Life in the Middle Ages
  9. Missin’ Rb Blues
  10. They’re Coming To Get Me

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