Failure Returns With “In The Future” EP

Failure: In The FutureFailure has released the first of a set of new EPs that will culminate in a full-length LP this fall. In The Future is the band’s first new music since their 2015 comeback, The Heart Is A Monster and will set the stage for the 2018 releases, which will focus on the disconnect between technology and humanity.

“Living inside a screen seems like absolute freedom sometimes, but It’s more like a kind of psychic decapitation,” explains bassist/guitarist Greg Edwards. “We have made aliens of our bodies. We exist in an era where the most primitive structures in our brains are being rewarded and controlled, almost constantly, by extremely sophisticated, interconnected, and self-perpetuating technologies. There seems to be no imaginable way or real desire to moderate this. Artificial Intelligence may be creating itself right beneath our noses and using our bodies as unaware hosts. Everything is talking to everything else but there’s no communication anymore. Only divisions and their promotion. The surrogate reality of the internet sucks us out of our own bodies and puts us in a space where we can imagine we have less and less resemblance to the creatures we actually are. The forthcoming three eps and full-length album, explore the ambivalence inspired by this dislocation.”

Edwards dishes out some killer bass lines for the four-song collection, including the single “Dark Speed.” Dig the bass in this trippy video:

In The Future is available now as a digital download.

In The Future Track List:

  1. Dark Speed
  2. Paralytic Flow
  3. Pennies
  4. Segue 10

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