Joanna Dudkowska: Bach Cello Suite No. 1, I. Prelude

We’ve seen plenty of bassists tackle Bach’s Prelude to the first Cello Suite, but never quite like this. Polish bassist Joanna Dudkowska produced this video performing the iconic piece in her many personas.

“The film presents four of my various music personalities,” she shares. “I work as a session musician in Poland. I wanted to show the work of session musician, but also the woman’s volatility. Why the Prelude by J.S. Bach? Everything started from it. It was the first composition I learned on bass. It is a prelude to my own work.”

The song also includes an extended section that Dudkowska created with Adam Bieranowski. She’ll be releasing a new live album with her band Joanna Dudkowska feat. KOVA soon, so keep an eye out!

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