Joanna Dudkowska: What Did You Dream

Joanna Dudkowska sent us her latest video, featuring the first single from her upcoming album.

“What Did You Dream” features Dudkowska’s collaboration with guitarist and vocalist Chuc Frazier.

“‘What Did You Dream’ tells the story of dreams. Dreams are a reflection of our deepest desires and elusive dreams. However, in the pursuit of our dreams, we often forget that the most valuable treasure is being here and now and the people we have close to us. The new album will be a summary of my musical path so far, a kind of musical portrait and diary, the result of musical experiences, searches and inspirations filtered through my sensitivity and imagination. Eclectic in genre, the album will contain elements of funk, pop, jazz, blues and rap. It will include both instrumental and vocal pieces, recorded together with unexpected guests from different musical worlds. Each subsequent song on the album will be a great musical surprise. The common thread will be interesting bass guitar grooves with unique guitar, piano and Hammond organ solos,” she told us.

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  1. MongoHongos

    Why do all lady musicians on the interwebs dress like they got lost in Mohini Dey’s closet?

  2. Mark B.