Armada of Secrets: Pour It Up

You’ve never heard Rihanna like this. London’s Armada of Secrets is the killer duo of vocalist Caroline Kabera and bassist Carl Dawkins. Along with session drummer Jerry Shadowski, the pair tackle “Pour It Up” in spectacular fashion.

Dawkins handles the bass line, starting with a subdued intro and kicking things into high gear as the song progresses. Utilizing a complex signal path, he creates a crushing wall of sound that mimics an army of distorted guitars.

In addition to the video, Armada of Secrets has released a new hidden EP. “Why is it hidden you ask? In a world where everything is full of instant gratification, the band wants to get listeners excited to find their music by peaking their interest in an unusual and rewarding way that has a payoff of their music as fans locate each track,” they explain

The first three clues to find the new music have been released. Check their website and social media accounts to find them.

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