Alexander Pedals Introduces The Defender

Alexander Pedals DefenderAlexander Pedals has expanded their Neo Series with the Defender, a pedal that packs multiple digital drives into a single pedal. The effects are controlled with a full panel of secondary effects.

“The Defender is capable of anything from a transparent overdrive with slapback delay to a wall of synth fuzz made even more bodacious with octaves included,” the company writes.

The Defender has three drives – Overdrive, Distortion, and Fuzz – with three special effects: Polyphonic octave shifting, space modulation, and a lowpass filter. “Once you’ve selected your distortion, you can choose from one of three special effects. Any distortion effect may be combined with any special effect. Please note that the special effects only work on the distorted sound, and not on the clean blend signal.”

Other features include Level, Drive, Warp, Light, Blend, Matter, and Tweak controls. As part of the Neo Series, the Defender runs on a 32-bit microcontroller and offers presets, an expression input, and MIDI capability.

The Alexander Pedals Defender is available now for $199.

Alexander Pedals Defender Pedal Features:

Three Distortion Effects: OD, DST, FZ
Three Special Effects: PIT, SPC, FLT
Controls: Level, Drive, Warp, Light, Blend, Matter, Tweak
Expression Input
MIDI Capability

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