Jeffrey Osborne Releases “Worth It All”

Jeffrey Osborne: Worth It AllFormer L.T.D. vocalist Jeffrey Osborne has gone back to his roots with Worth It All, a record he describes as an old-school R&B album. “I approached it like things from the past that influenced me then wrote my versions,” he explains. “For example, ‘Let a Brotha Know’ sounds like a song I would have done with my old band L.T.D. while ‘Saving My Love’ has an Island ballad vibe like things Lionel Richie used to write.”

Osborne employed his road band for the album including bassist Bill Sharpe. A seasoned veteran who has played with artists ranging from Cher to Dave Koz, Sharpe’s bass anchors the album with a huge, enveloping sound. Check out his playing on the track “I Want You”:

Worth It All is available now on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Worth It All Track List:

  1. Let A Brotha Know
  2. Greatest Night
  3. Just Can’t Stand It
  4. Worth It All
  5. Stay the Way You Are
  6. I Want You
  7. Summer Nights (Featuring Rick Braun)
  8. Work It (Featuring Jeffrey Osborne, Jr. and Kid Capri)
  9. Saving My Love
  10. Can’t Help Myself
  11. Your Lover (Gerald Albright)
  12. That Man

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