Buster Williams Releases First Studio Album in a Decade

Buster Williams: AudacityIt’s a big year for jazz master Buster Williams. Earlier this year, a documentary featuring the bassist raised sufficient funds to be finished. Now the veteran musician is breaking a decade-long studio hiatus with his new album, Audacity.

“You’ve got to have audacity to do what we do,” he explains. “You have to have audacity to even want to do what we do, to even imagine that it’s all going to work. I was looking for a word that could encapsulate all of my feelings and concepts and, at this moment in time, Audacity is the description of my life.”

Williams is joined by his longtime collaborators Steve Wilson, George Colligan, and Lenny White, though that doesn’t mean it’s the same old song from the bassist. Instead, he sees the album as a turning point. “You could say it’s a new beginning,” he explains. “It’s certainly a new dimension or a new phase of my existence. There’s a new excitement about what I’m doing. I don’t take one note for granted, so I have to really feel that I have something to say or something to offer. Put all that together and I thought that now was the right time.”

Check out the title track:

Audacity is available on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Audacity Track List:

  1. Where Giants Dwell
  2. Song of the Outcasts
  3. Sisko
  4. Ariana Anai
  5. Lost on 4th Avenue
  6. Stumblin’
  7. Triumph
  8. Briana
  9. Audacity

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