Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in June 2018

Some new bass gear makes its way to our pages each June, thanks to the Summer NAMM Show. Here are the top 10 reader favorite gear stories for the month.

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Ibanez Introduces Compact Acoustic Electric Basses

1. Ibanez Compact Acoustic Electric Basses

Ibanez has launched two new compact acoustic basses with the AVNB1E and the AVNB1FE. The basses, which are fretted and fretless models respectively, feature a 634-millimeter scale with parlor shape body. “Our short-scale parlor basses offer players compact acoustic options which are better suited for small stages, make for easier trips, and do so without…

Fender Unveils the Player Series

2. Fender 2018 Player Series

Fender has shaken up their range again by introducing the Player Series for 2018. The new lineup revamps the Standard series but will still be made in Mexico. As you may expect, the Player Series includes a Precision Bass and a Jazz Bass as well as a Jaguar Bass. Overall changes in the models include…

Mattoverse Electronics Introduces the Quadramix Pedal

3. Mattoverse Electronics Quadramix Pedal

Mattoverse Electronics has unveiled the Quadramix, a four-input and two-output mixer in a pedalboard-friendly enclosure. It allows for sending multiple sources into your amplifier or it can be used as a headphone amplifier. “Featuring 2 high-impedance inputs designed for guitar/bass and 2 low-impedance inputs designed for keyboards/synths/drum machines along with enough gain to overdrive either…

Fodera Unveils the Masterbuilt Butterfly Bass

4. Fodera Masterbuilt Butterfly Bass

Fodera has revealed the latest in their top of the line Masterbuilt series with the Butterfly. The one-of-a-kind bass is inspired by the company’s butterfly themed models and uses the Imperial body shape as a “canvas.” “Using over 200 pieces of varying natural materials such as Gold Pearl, Mother of Pearl, Black Pearl, and various…

W-Music Distribution Introduces RockCare StringJet 64

5. W-Music Distribution RockCare StringJet 64

Warwick’s W-Music Distribution has introduced a new string cleaner called the RockCare StringJet 64. Useful on six-string guitars and four-string basses, the gadget has microfiber cleaning pads on a hinge to wipe down both sides of your strings evenly. The pads can be used with or without a cleaning solution and can be washed for…

Warwick Announces the RockBass Infinity Bass

6. Warwick RockBass Infinity Bass

Warwick has expanded their RockBass series for 2018 with a version of their Infinity model. Available in four and five-string as well as fretted or fretless versions, the bass centers around its MEC J/MM pickup combination. The humbucker can be used in series, parallel, or single coil operation thanks to a three-way switch. The bass…

Chowny Bass Unveils the Bass-Mosphere Chorus/Reverb Pedal

7. Chowny Bass Bass-Mosphere Chorus/Reverb Pedal

Chowny Bass has expanded their offering of effects with the Bass-Mosphere, a pedal that combines chorus and reverb into a bass-centric unit. Its controls include chorus rate and depth knobs, a knob for setting the reverb volume, and a level control for blending in your wet signal. The pedal also features true bypass and comes…

ZVEX Effects Unveils Super Duper Concert Bass Mod Pedal

8. ZVEX Effects Super Duper Concert Bass Mod Pedal

ZVEX Effects has announced a limited edition modded version of their Super Duper pedal that mimics the vintage Sunn Concert Bass amp. They describe the iconic head as “a solid state monster with distinct distortion and low end popular with enthusiasts of downtuned, primal, and punishing guitarists and bassists.” As with the original Super Duper,…

G&L Unveils the CLF Research L-1000 Bass

9. G&L CLF Research L-1000 Bass

After launching the CLF Research series earlier this year, G&L has expanded the range with the CLF Research L-1000. The new model revives the passive G&L bass from 1980 while updating some aspects. “The new CLF Research L-1000 brings back the best of the iconic passive G&L bass from 1980. Fans of the vintage G&L…

Hotone Introduces the Binary Pedal Series

10. Hotone Binary Pedal Series

Hotone has introduced the Binary Series, a line of four effects pedals for guitar and bass. The range includes an amp simulator, a delay, a cabinet simulator, and a modulation pedal. Each unit is fitted with a dual footswitch layout, an OLED display, and the same digital processor. “At the core of the Binary Series…

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