Zorg Effects Announces the Small Basstar Overdrive Pedal

Zorg Effects Small Basstar Overdrive PedalFrance’s Zorg Effects has introduced a simplified version of their flagship Glorious Basstar pedal called the Small Basstar.

Designed for bass and guitar, the multi-band overdrive splits your signal into bass and treble bands with a three-way switch to the frequency that separates them. Zorg says on bass it offers “precision, gnarl, huge gain, big sound and superb attack clarity.”

“All the essence of the Glorious basstar has been kept,” they write, “But this tiny version allows for finer crunches. The distortion color is also a bit different: either MOSFET for a medium very dynamic distortion or diode+Led for a deeper, more compressed voicing.”

The Small Basstar is available as a kit or as a built unit. It carries a base retail price of about $185 with the option to include a soft switch relay true bypass.

Check out the pedal in the company’s bass demo:

Zorg Effects Small Basstar Overdrive Pedal Features:

2-band Overdrive
Gain, Mix, Volume, Tone Knobs
Three-way Frequency Selector Switch
Mosfet or Diode + LED Clipping Options via Dip Switches on Bottom of Pedal
Kit or Mounted
Made in France

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