Bass of the Week: Colibrí Guitars and Basses Morgan

Colibri? Guitars and Basses Morgan - Front

Last week, Corey had it with all the political posts on Facebook and asked to see some basses instead. The No Treble community responded with hundreds of basses including this cool instrument called the Morgan from Colibrí Guitars and Basses.

“My name is Rodrigo Castellanos and I have been building basses for the last 13 years,” the luthier shared. “11 years ago my wife Mariluz and I decided to open our workshop in Mexico City. All instruments are handmade with no CNC. This is my SN. 0100; the client wanted a headless bass. I hate headless bass and really really hate the cut most headless basses have on the body to fix the bridge, so decided to do it my way.”

His way included building it with a mahogany body topped with quilted maple in a unique finish. “I whitened it with acids and dyed with different kind of dyes as the color I had in mind was not found. So the pink was made with Magenta printer dye and the purple with edible dye.” Its body is matched with a maple neck with colored, laminated veneers and a rosewood fretboard. Other features include a 33-inch scale, Nordstrand pickups and electronics, and Hipshot hardware.

Colibrí Guitars and Basses Morgan Specs:

Top:Quilted Maple
Inlay:Hummingbird at 1st Fret, Om Symbol at 12th Fret

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