Barefaced Audio Unveils Rainbow One10 Bass Cabinets

Barefaced Audio Rainbow One10 Bass Cabinets

After announcing a tweed version last year, Barefaced Audio has unveiled a limited run of their One10 bass cabinet in a range of colorful tolex covers. They will be available in limited quantities of red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, and purple.

The new units will carry all the same features as the original black One10 including their 250-watt 10CR250 driver and a unique cabinet design. “Our Hybrid Resonator enclosure [dampens] the mid-bass hump and fattens the deep lows with two controlled resonances working in unison, giving you a ton more power handling in the real bass,” Barefaced writes.

The Barefaced Audio Rainbow One10 is available for order now with a U.S. price of approximately $599.

Barefaced Audio Rainbow One10 Bass Cabinet Features:

Cover:Rainbow Tolex
Handle:Genuine Imitation Leather
Dimensions:15? high x 11.5? wide x 11? deep
Weight:15 lbs
Broadband sensitivity:95 dB
Usable frequency range:30Hz – 6kHz
Recommended amp power:100-250W RMS (safe with up to 500W if running fairly clean sounds)
Maximum output:~119dB
Impedance:8 ohms

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