Barefaced Audio Introduces Limited Edition Tweedy One10 Bass Cabinet

Barefaced Audio Tweedy One10 Bass Cabinet

Barefaced Audio has unveiled a special limited edition tweed version of their One10 bass cabinet. Limited to 10 units, the cab has all of the power of their regular One10 model in a vintage look with a tweed wrap, Marshall BluesBreaker cloth grill, brown piping, and genuine imitation leather strap handle.

It is fitted with a 10CR250 driver, which can handle 250 watts, inside of a unique cabinet design. “Our Hybrid Resonator enclosure [dampens] the mid-bass hump and fattens the deep lows with two controlled resonances working in unison, giving you a ton more power handling in the real bass.”

Barefaced will be shipping the Tweedy One10 before Christmas. It’s available for $599.

Barefaced Audio Tweedy One10 Bass Cabinet Specs:

Limited Edition:10 Units
Grill:Bluesbreaker Cloth
Handle:Genuine Imitation Leather
Dimensions:15? high x 11.5? wide x 11? deep
Weight:15 lbs
Broadband sensitivity:95 dB
Usable frequency range:30Hz – 6kHz
Recommended amp power:100-250W RMS (safe with up to 500W if running fairly clean sounds)
Maximum output:~119dB
Impedance:8 ohms

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