Boveda Introduces New Humidity Control System

Boveda Humidity Control Guitar Start Kit

Boveda has announced a new humidity control system for acoustic stringed instruments including acoustic bass and guitar, upright bass, ukulele, and more. The device prevents warping and cracking while requiring no maintenance.

“The humidity control system is unique in that it responds to ambient temperature and moisture by adding OR removing humidity to regulate the pre-determined RH% engineered into each product,” Boveda writes. “Convenient packets are stored in an instrument case and absorb or emit purified water vapor through a semipermeable membrane.”

The Boveda Guitar Start Kit is available now for $28 with four-pack refills available for $16.

Boveda Humidity Control Guitar Start Kit Features:

Kit includes four (4) large 70-gram Boveda packs and two (2) leak-resistant fabric holders
Typically lasts between two to five months in a seasoned case. Longevity depends on time of year, case quality and ambient RH levels
Boveda Dimensions: 5.25″ x 3.5″
2+ year shelf life in original packaging
Replace with refill packs when Boveda becomes rigid

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