Dug Pinnick: New King’s X Album In The Works

Dug Pinnick

Last month we reported that Dug Pinnick was stepping down from the MC5 50th Anniversary tour this year, saying there was no drama but he was “not the right guy for the job.” However, the busy bassist is wasting no time in getting to work. In an interview with Rock Titan, he revealed that King’s X has committed to making a new album. Things are in the very early stages, but should the project come through it will be their first album since 2008’s XV.

“We’ve decided to make a record. We officially decided yesterday,” Pinnick said. “We had a meeting with our manager, and we said, ‘Okay. It’s a go. Move forward.’ So that’s the next thing. He’s gotta work the contract out, the logistics of where to make the record, who’s gonna produce it, where we’re gonna stay, how we’re gonna do it, how we’re gonna rehearse before, how we’re gonna go there and write together, how we’re gonna bring songs in — how we’re gonna do it. So that’s the next step. But it’s getting done. And that’s a good thing. Before, it was just talk for years and years and years. Now we have a commitment. I’ll see how long that lasts, but I’m waiting.”

You can watch the full interview, which also touches on his KXM project, his recent Jimi Hendrix tribute album, his new Tech 21 bass pedal, and more:

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