TC Electronic Introduces BC208 Bass Cabinet

TC Electronic BC208 Bass Cabinet

TC Electronic has just announced the BC208, a portable bass cabinet fitted with two 8-inch drivers. It delivers 200 watts of tone that the company says features low-end punch.

“Featuring a pair of powerful 8″ custom-engineered drivers, BC208 produces clear and focused bass tones with an immediate response and super-tight feel,” they write. “BC208 is built from hard plywood covered in a tough, anti-skid material, keeping your setup safe and grounded to the stage.”

The TC Electronic BC208 bass cabinet will be available by the end of the year with a price point of $299.99.

TC Electronic BC208 Bass Cabinet Features:

200 Watt bass cabinet
2 x 8″ custom drivers
Compact and lightweight bass cabinet design
Vertically stackable with other cabinets
Dual speaker link connections on premium 1/4” connectors (8 Ohm impedance)
Stylish “anti-skid” covered plywood cabinet
Heavy duty metal grille
3-Year Warranty Program

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